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Get the GLOW // Organic make up artist Lisa Scharff talks all things inner beauty and how to get that luminous glow

Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Photographs copyright Elena Zaucke

February 25th, 2019

Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Lisa Scharff, the epitome of all things natural beauty, is changing the beauty industry one day at a time. She exudes that magic glow women spend hours trying to recreate at home and has ignited the #beautyinsideout movement in Germany. Last spring, the 31-year-old entrepreneur opened her organic make-up studio in Hamburg, Lisa Scharff Organic Beauty Studio, where she gives women a unique experience and personalised coaching on all things natural make-up. She currently offers six customised packages ranging from Clean out your Beauty Bag to Skin Care 1x1, allowing every woman to seamlessly immerse herself in the world of organic beauty.

Lisa’s passion for make-up revealed itself very early on, “I remember obsessively inspecting my mother’s eyelash curler as a three-year-old,” but it is only now, twenty-eight years later, that Lisa feels she has “fully arrived in her profession.” 

Although she has always worked in the world of beauty – Lisa studied to become a make-up artist and later went on to work as a beauty editor – HOW she works has drastically changed. Be it in her studio or on a job, winning her clients trust is always Lisa’s upmost priority. “Especially when a woman is new to organic beauty and natural products it’s really important to me that I give them the space and time they need in order to fully integrate this aspect into their everyday life.” 

Lisa explains that mostly she’ll start slow and integrate only a few new products/supplements into the routine rather than making big, drastic changes. It’s a transition and you have to give the mind and body time to adjust to it. “I try to be very sensitive to every situation and not to overwhelm someone with too much information or products.”

Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Lisa’s undeniable curiosity about health and wellbeing is what started her personal quest for rediscovery and, over the years, allowed her to redefine what beauty means to her. She strives to live a plant based lifestyle, mostly gluten and alcohol free. The most important thing for her, however, is balance: "It’s not about restrictions but feeling my best, knowing that I nourish and support my body in the healthiest way" Lisa explains. 

“I find it truly fascinating that organic skincare and makeup can give our skin, the bodies largest organ, everything it needs in order to heal itself,” she explains. 

Just like us, Lisa is a firm believer that the use of plant-based products is exponentially more effective than conventional drugstore products. “To me, it’s all about awareness and mindfulness.” Lisa’s profession isn’t just a full-time job, it’s a lifestyle which is why finding the right work/life balance has been key. “When you make your passion your job it’s sometimes hard to realise that it is still just a job.” 

Similar to us, Lisa is one of those women who will stay up late to answer e-mails, research new brands and products or be available to her clients. “I have learned that sometimes you need to make a cut in order to do something for yourself and feel grounded again.” She goes on to explain, “my job is a big aspect of my life and I love that, but it is not my entire life.” It’s the conversations with family and friends, regular yoga and pilates classes and Lisa’s new-found love of playing the piano which keep her grounded. She no longer feels bad for taking that ’me time’ because it is only when “you are fully in touch with yourself that you can spread your mission and truly make a difference in someone else’s life.” 

Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Today, beauty seems to be the subject of discussion wherever you look, Instagram being the core instigator of it all. “I believe the world of beauty will continue to polarise,” Lisa explains, “there are those who, like myself, choose to eat, live and breathe a clean lifestyle – organic make-up and all – and then there are those who feed into the phenomenon of full coverage make-up: baking, contouring and highlighting.” Although there is no right or wrong way per se, Lisa hopes that the movement of natural beauty will persevere and inspire women all over the world to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Unfortunately, the sound of organic beauty still has somewhat of a bad connotation in Germany. “A lot of people still haven’t understood that our skin and wellbeing is a direct reflection of our diet, gut and mindset.” With so many exciting new products on the horizon Lisa hopes to continue spreading the word and to make natural beauty more accessible to everyone. “My studio is a space where everything and anything can happen. I want to enable women to accept and recognise their inner beauty and to continue connecting with like-minded women around the world.” 

With so much positivity, love and whit, who wouldn’t want that Lisa Scharff glow?

Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Lisa Scharff for The Pollak Persuasion photo copyright Elena Zaucke


What is your wake-up ritual?

Green tea and good music! And my morning products are deep rich toner from Whamisa, face oil from Josh Rosebrook Serum and a massage with my rose quartz roller. But it can change sometimes!

What time do you wake up?

Mostly at 7am

How do you mentally prepare for the day?

There is still room to improve for me. I’d like to incorporate morning meditation to my routine, so that I can start each day with a sense of calm and serenity. What I do religiously everyday is drink hot water with lemon – even before tea and breakfast!

What are your AM hair vibes?

I have A LOT of hair, and it’s very thick and curly. If I brush them I have the frizziest hair ever! That’s why I just brush through them with my fingers and wear them open, or in a half bun. Always use dry shampoo on a day when you feel your hair needs some extra love!

Your favourite city?

Hamburg and New York, until now

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mostly international blogs, instagram & podcasts. For example, wellandgood, chalkboardmagazine, goop and many more!

What is the last book you read?

I read way too little but the last one was Women Code from Alisa Vitti

Last film you saw?

A Star is Born - LOVE IT!!!

Beauty-trick you swear by?

Definitely face oil, this can be a game changer. And of course, drink lots of water and own a good eyelash curler!

What is the one hero product you can’t live without?

This is impossible for me to answer, but for sure rosehip oil from PAI skincare and also concealer. I love the uncover up concealer from RMS

What’s the most attractive quality in someone?

Honesty and humor

Favorite face oil?

I think I’ve mentioned this so many times already, but there is so many that I love! I also like to combine them. My favorites include PAI rosehip oil, Josh Rosebrook face oil serum, or the argan oil from Kahina.

What’s in your personal beauty bag?

Concealer (RMS), cream blush (Kjaer Weis, Desired Glow), eyelash curler (Kevyn Aucoin), mascara (Ilia, Limitless Lash Mascara), Lavera transparent eyebrow gel, Weleda skin food, De Mamiel Rosey lip balm, Suntegrity natural tinted moisturizes 5 in 1, Lip conditioner (Ilia Nobody’s Baby), Josh Rosebrook hydration accelerator. 

What does your ideal food day look like?

Morning: Something warm in the morning like porridge with yummy toppings like hemp seeds and almond butter or gluten free bread with avocado, tomatoes and fresh pepper. And a fresh green juice. Definitely a latte with oat milk – I cannot go a day without my coffee! For lunch: bowl with kale, avocado, quinoa, hummus, roasted veggies, sweet potato, tahini lime dressing. Maybe a chocolate energy ball in between. For the evening: Something warm like gluten free pasta with pesto or homemade tomato sauce and lots of nice herbs

Who is your dream person to do make up on?

Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston or Julia Roberts

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

You can only grow outside of your comfort zone & everything you need to know is already in you

Advice for your younger self?

You are perfect the way you are – no matter what anyone else says or thinks about you

Affirmation for the new year?

Freedom and love

Alcohol or green juice?

Green juice for sure

Beauty trends for 2019?

Products with healing qualities including cannabis and turmeric. Also, zero waste packaging and crystals. And for the organic skincare market even better ingredients and formula for makeup

Beauty faux-pas?

The wrong foundation shade

What time do you shift into evening mode?


Best beauty product that will change your look from day to night?


What is your night time routine?

Maybe some yoga, a cup of tea, double cleansing with oil and a warm wet cloth, hyaluronic serum, face oil and a little face massage if I’m in the mood

What’s your favorite evening indulgence?

My skincare routine and a home cooked meal

Beauty products on your nightstand?

Nail cuticle oil, essential oils (lavender, peppermint), hand cream

What time do you go to bed?

Too late… at 12am or 11.30pm most of the time

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