2nd NATURE // holistic healer Victoria Benz talks to TPP about the all-knowing Time Waver, turning pregnant at twenty-one and trusting the universe

Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Photography copyright Elena Zaucke

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September 2nd, 2019

Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Living in a hyper-connected, gluten-consuming and pharmaceutical dependent world, naturopath Victoria Benz has maintained a mystique that is almost unheard of, yet her mantra holds true for all things in life. Here, the very wise and mindful healer talks to TPP about the all-knowing Time Waver, turning pregnant at twenty-one and trusting the universe.

ON HER LIFELONG CURIOUSITY TOWARDS HEALTH “For as long as I can remember, even in elementary school, I had this affinity towards ‘what is health.’ And by health I don’t just mean what we eat but also the spiritual aspect of it, particularly shamanism. My mother has always been a big believer in alternative medicine so in many ways I grew up to a very healthy and holistic lifestyle. As a teenager, my curiosity for health grew drastically. I acquired a large selection of books on healthy eating, yoga and all things related to well-being. It just became an integral part of my life. In my circle of friends, I was known as ‘special’ because I was always that girl who didn’t drink alcohol or asked the waiter if there was glutamate in the food. None of my friends really understood but they humored and accepted all of me.”

ON TURNING PREGNANT AT TWENTY-ONE “I had just graduated high school and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I always knew that I wanted to practice holistic health and that I wanted to work with people but I also had this desire to go to university. To study and acquire higher education. It was torn between a degree in medicine or psychology and eventually decided on the latter. One weekend before moving to Vienna and commencing my studies I found out I was pregnant. It was completely unexpected and unplanned, of course. I had already signed a lease on an apartment. But I just thought to myself: ‘Okay, what are you doing to do now?’ And that’s how I discovered the naturopathic school in Munich. I cancelled all my plans because I didn’t want to move to Vienna on my own whilst pregnant. At the time, I was still together with my daughter’s father, so going to Naturopath school in my hometown just felt right. I trusted that that was how it was meant to be and didn’t question it. I stayed in school until the end of my pregnancy, took a year off, and then resumed my studies. I truly believe that my now ten-year old daughter Niah has led me to where I am today. If I would have pursued studies in medicine or psychology who knows where I would be today? In some clinic, god knows where. Never in a million years would I already be running my own practice and treating my own patients. To be very honest, if I hadn’t gotten pregnant I’m not sure my choices would have lead me back to alternative medicine in the way in which I practice it today."

Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke

ON HER LOVE FOR HUMANS “There are these bumper stickers that read ‘I love animals’ and I would need one that says, ‘I love humans.’ I really have such a vast love for people and I think that’s where my passion for health originates. I just love helping people. My greatest motivation in life is supporting people in a way that allows them to become the crystals they were born to be. Peeling those layers and enabling them to live to their full potential. Through my work I try to understand what childhood traumas or blockages might still be present in the body or what other influences are prohibiting the person from being their highest self. When I get to witness my patient’s transformation, their undeniable strength emanating from the inside out, those are the moments that I live for. I truly believe that the people who have unique and extraordinary personalities have been through very tough and challenging times. If you are always well you are unable to appreciate the good things in life."

“There are these bumper stickers that read I LOVE ANIMALS and I would need one that says I LOVE HUMANS”

ON THE TIME WAVER, KINESIOLOGY AND SHAMANISM “I always start my treatment with the Time Waver to figure out any underlying issues. (The Time Waver is a machine that can measure your frequencies and read your energy. It was built by a German quantum physicist named Marcus Schmieke and brought information field technology into practical use for the first time in 2007). Most of my patients come with physical complaints – be it gastrointestinal issues, skin problems, or exhaustion for example – so I always start my treatment over the body, fully aware of the fact that the origin of every physical complaint is usually caused by emotional or traumatic blockages. I look at the information the Time Waver gives me and start frequency therapy. If it’s a new patient I will oftentimes also draw blood to examine what minerals and vitamins might be lacking in the body. I try and get an understanding of what my patients eat, drink and whether there are any superordinate disruptive factors such as radiation. The Time Waver will tell me all of this. On a rare occasion, I will get a feeling that a patient doesn’t want to go any deeper, so I will leave it at that. Most of my patients come specifically to me because they do want to go deeper and identify the root of their issues. I do this by practicing Applied Kinesiology (a technique that allows practitioners to diagnose illnesses and blockages by testing muscles for strength and weakness), Shamanistic rituals (a practice through which one reaches higher states of consciousness) and even systemic constellations. All of these practices allow me to identify, define and release blockages within the body."
Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke

ON THE LAW OF ATTRACTION & PROTECTING ENERGY “I truly believe that every therapist has the patients they need. Better said, there is a suitable therapist for everyone. It works on a mutual connection that originates from the soul. That’s why my patients don’t rob me of my vitality. Only when I first started out I had to learn how to connect and protect myself from all the uncontrolled energies I was confronted with. I had to learn that when I was working out of my own energy, then eventually I had none left to give, but if I connect myself to a higher source then it just flows through me. It’s not my energy but it’s universal energy that flows through me and to the patient. I practice yoga every morning and really notice how much I need it. If I don’t do yoga in the morning, my day will be completely different. Yoga allows me to absorb cosmic energies that make me more resilient. It’s my greatest source of power. That and walking barefoot in nature or swimming in a lake. There’s no better way to connect with the earth and feel energized. I really have this feeling that I am connected to a higher intelligence that just flows through me.”

“I really have this feeling that I am connected to a higher intelligence that just flows through me.”

ON TRUSTING THE UNIVERSE “After graduating high-school I was pretty lost. But I always have this feeling and trust that things happen in the way in which they are supposed to happen. That there is someone or something out there in the universe that watches over me and helps navigate my journey. For example, when my daughter Niah was born it was a gift in so many ways, even career wise. Of course, I had really tough times, after breaking-up with my daughter’s father, being an extremely young, single mother. But I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if all those things hadn’t happened to me. I had a very carefree childhood and I know that if I hadn’t had endured those tough times then I wouldn’t have this humility for life. Hitting rock-bottom has influenced me in so many positive ways. That is not to say that it wasn’t horrible in the moment, of course it was, but today I am all the more grateful for how good my life is, for all the things I have accomplished and for all the friends who helped me through the difficult times in my life.”

Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke

Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke
Victoria Benz The Pollak Persuasion Photo copyright Elena Zaucke


What time do you wake up?

Normally at 7am on the weekend at 9am

What's your morning ritual?

First Getreidekaffee then yoga

Something you can't leave the house without?


Something you recently learned?

I don’t need a lot to be happy. I just need water, a tent and my favorite person around.

Last person who texted you?

My best friend

Favorite flower?


Last book you read?

Autobiography of a yogi - by Paramahansa Yogananda (a shamanic book)

Most magical place you’ve ever been to?

Hampi in India

Best gift you received?

My daughter

Best gift you gave?

When I can really help someone

Last time you cried?

Last weekend at a wedding

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird

If you could have a (another) superpower, what would it be?


Tea or coffee?

Herbal Tea

Where will you travel next?


Most attractive quality in someone?


If you wouldn't be a holistic healer, you would be?

DJane. Making people happy with music.

What was your biggest childhood fear?

Being alone

What did you dream about last night?

A lot. I dreamt that my boyfriend (who is a DJ) taught me how to DJ.

Last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Not long ago. At a festival two weeks ago.

Where do you feel most inspired?

Being in nature

What is the biggest lesson life has taught you?

Trust the universe. Trust the flow.

Best advice you've been given?

The best advice always comes from my best girlfriends. The clue is always trust and let go, everything will be fine.

Question you get asked the most in relation to your job?

Can you explain the time waver? How does it work?

Woman (past or present) who you would most like to meet?

Princess Diana

Something everyone should try at least once?

Walking barefoot in nature. People don’t do that anymore

When do you feel most connected to yourself?

When I do yoga and meditate

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate or “healthy” sugary stuff and almond butter

What do you do to unwind?

Listen to music or get a hug from one of my favorite people in the world

What's on your bedside table?


What time do you go to bed?

My best sleeping time is 10pm

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